There appears to be a scenario wherein the government and law enforcers are willing to concede faster action and judgment in cases that concern women. However, action can be taken only when cases are reported and brought to the notice of law enforcers. Often, not having the courage to report crime ends up hurting women even more and the perpetrators go scot free. Even relatives, neighbors or friends who wish to help the woman lack the drive to report a crime. This gives the perpetrators the motive and reason to continue their acts as they begin to believe that there will be no consequences

The need of the hour is for our country to introspect on the measures that are being taken to ensure the safety of women. Another burning need for the government is, to ensure that methods to report a crime should be easy and not frightening. Women should be permitted to be able to lodge a complaint in safety and without giving the impression that she is doing so, so that criminals do not get wind of what she is doing.

What is iClik

iClik is a revolutionary product that focuses specifically on women's problems, issues and more importantly, convenience. iClik is a touch-sensitive screen that allows anyone to report a crime against women under any category. The multitude of options adds to the uniqueness iClik. Apart from choosing from various languages, one can also choose to either type, record, or write and scan their complaint. An acknowledgment slip (or challan) will be dispensed immediately. As soon as submitted, iClik transfers data and dispatches the complaint to the police control room or respective police stations.

Due to the size (that of an ATM KIOSK), dimensions and weight, it is easy to transport and fits in places such as ATMs, supermarkets, movie theatres, bus stands, women's colleges and other public places.

Apart from the fact that an iClik kiosk can be moved and transported easily, it gives women the liberty to walk into an ATM on the pretext of withdrawing money and actually lodge a complaint.


Enable women to log their grievances 24x7 without visiting a police station

Minimize atrocities on women

Build a virtual platform for citizen and police department by facilitating the police stations to access these complaints and plan necessary actions

Solution Overview

iClik on the ground

CoLeague has been working with the police department of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and has implemented the iClik solution on a pilot basis in the city of Bhubaneswar since February 2014 and Visakhapatnam since January 2015.

Why iClik

The launch and promotion of a product like the iClik kiosk not only gives women a certain degree of courage and comfort, it also aims to deter criminals from committing a crime in wake of its easy accessibility.

The belief and trust in the government and law enforcement authorities is likely to grow multi-fold and it is expected to draw appreciation for the government's efforts to help women who have been wronged

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